Volunteer Application


Black Arts Fest MKE is dedicated to a policy of non-discrimination on any basis, including age, race, creed, religion, ethnic or national origin, disability, handicap, special needs, marital status, gender, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, or applicants’ obligations as a member of the National Guard, or any reserve component of the U.S. military.


We will do our best to accommodate your size but the t-shirt order needed to be placed. You will receive your shirt upon check-in at the festival.
Most positions scheduled until 10:30pm may not run the full duration of the shift.
REFERENCE: Please provide the name and phone number of one person who knows you pertaining to your skill, dependability, and character:
THANK YOU for your interest in volunteering with Black Arts Fest MKE on Saturday, August 3, 2019. Please review the following before signing and dating your application: I authorize investigation of all information contained in this application. I acknowledge and understand that any misrepresentation or omission of facts may result in rejection of my application. I further authorize Black Arts Fest MKE, Inc., to conduct a litigation and/or criminal records background check, if it deems it appropriate to do so, and to contact any employers or references to verify information. I give my consent to all contacted persons, to provide information concerning this application. I hereby release from liability and responsibility, all persons, companies or corporations supplying such information and Milwaukee World Festival, Inc., in obtaining same. I also release any public or governmental agencies from liability which may result from furnishing my records. Also, as a volunteer, I understand and agree that Black Arts Fest MKE, Inc., is not required to and will not provide me with any insurance covering me in the event that I am injured or sick before, during, or after my volunteer activities on the Henry Maier Festival Park. I hereby knowingly release, indemnify, and hold harmless Black Arts Fest MKE, Inc., and their respective consultants, employees, officers, directors, funders, fiscal agents, sponsors, from any and all liabilities, claims, damage, or loss incurred or arising from the volunteer’s participation in the Summerfest Volunteer Program. I further understand and agree that I will indemnify and hold Black Arts Fest MKE, Inc., harmless from any injury, sickness, or damage to property that I may suffer as a volunteer. I have read and will follow the Black Arts Fest MKE Code of Conduct. I acknowledge that I may be removed from the volunteer program if I do not comply with the Black Arts Fest MKE Code of Conduct. I further acknowledge that I cannot participate in the volunteer program until any background checks referenced above are completed, and my participation has been approved.

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