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Activities and Attractions

Children’s Play Area

The children’s play area was filled was overflowing with laughter and energy as children and their families enjoyed all of the culturally focused African and African American activities that were offered. Kids would enjoy designing traditional tribal masks, and craft making, and having their faces painted with traditional African tribal designs. They were also able to paint African symbols on murals, create wearable art and more.

Burke Properties Fine Arts Pavilion

The Burke Properties Fine Arts Pavilion provided the opportunity for local Black artists to showcase their work. All of the exhibitors were from Milwaukee, allowing the festival to shine a light on up and coming or arrived talent from within the community. Fest goers were fortunate to have to the opportunity to discuss work with the artists and purchase pieces to take home. Thanks to Burke Properties, the artists were able to participate in the festival at no cost.

Market Square

Shoppers found plenty to keep them busy in Market Square. A broad assortment of  accessories, organic products, jewelry, carved wood sculptures and much more made picking just one item hard to do. Many of the items sold were representative of, or from, Africa. Purchases also supported many Wisconsin business that were African and African American owned.