Black Arts Fest MKE honors African heritage and African American culture, creating a positive atmosphere that unifies all ages. Like many other ethnic festivals this year, Black Arts Fest MKE has also been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We will return in 2021.


Art… With Liberty & Justice For All

Black Arts Fest MKE exists to celebrate African Heritage and African American Arts & Culture.

Art influences society by its ability to broaden perspectives and change opinions. It instills values while translating different experiences across space and time. Art, in this sense, is communication. It allows people from different cultures and different times to communicate with each other via images, sounds and stories. Art is often a vehicle for social change.

We fully support the movement for racial equality and liberty and justice for all.

America still has a long way to go on its journey to be a more perfect union, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. Recent events across the country provide a stark reminder that African Americans face terrible and dangerous systemic racism that drive disparities in education, economics, health, identity and other basic human rights, including the right to live. Citizens across America and nations around the world stand together, in unprecedented solidarity, supporting the call that Black Lives Matter. We hope that the peaceful protests and outrage over George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmad Arbery and countless others’ tragic deaths, will be the catalyst for our society to begin to address the desperate and unequal treatment of African Americans by society and those sworn to serve and protect us. Racism and discrimination must not be tolerated, and people everywhere are standing up against it.

So sing your song, do your dance, write & recite your words. Stand up, stand tall and lift every voice, including your right to vote!


“I urge you to answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe in.” John Lewis

Black Arts Fest MKE

Black Arts Fest MKE

This annual festival celebrates African heritage and African American culture, exposing attendees to our deep roots and creative arts. Black Arts Fest MKE creates a positive atmosphere that unifies all ages to inspire and strengthen pride in our ancestry. We hope all leave the festival with a greater understanding of our history.

Each year Black Arts Fest MKE is scheduled for the first Saturday of the first full weekend in August and occurs at Henry Maier Festival Park (aka the Summerfest grounds). The festival celebrates many forms of artists showcasing the synergy of African heritage and African American culture. The festival is packed with fun and festivities from 12pm Noon until 12am Midnight.

We Invite You!

Black Arts Fest MKE appreciates and thanks to the support of our community, sponsors and funders! Without you, thousands of fest goers would not have have the ability to celebrate the magnificence of our culture. We look forward to 2021 when members of our community can rejoin the celebration.

Our stages showcase local talent as well as national artists. The children’s area is flooded with cultural activities, free face painting, and diverse entertainment. When you attend the festival, you can explore various art forms from traditional fine arts, a marketplace full of textiles and wares, and so much more.

Meet The Team

The Black Arts Fest MKE Board of Directors are an experienced and highly respected ground of professionals in the Milwaukee business community. Each are dedicated to the growth of the city and are actively engaged in the process through their personal and professional endeavors. Their vision to hold a successful festival for the African and African American community, and the community as a whole, demonstrates their commitment to Milwaukee.

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